January 20, 2019

Center of Mass formula

All the bodies have a point where its total mass is concentrated, and we can lift it by applying force on that particular point.

Center of mass is the unique point where the weighted relative position of the distributed mass sums to zero or the point where if a force is applied causes it to move in the direction of strength.

Center of Mass refers to a point where whole body’s mass is concentrated.

If there are two masses (m1, m2) separated by distances x1 and x2 from a fixed point. The Center of Mass (X) is expressed by

If there are n number of masses (m1, m2,..mn) having distances x1, x2,……xn then the Center of mass (X) is expressed by

Center of Mass Formula is used to find the centre of mass of any given number of bodies when their respective masses and distances are known. Center of mass is expressed in meters (m) because we are finding the distance where the centre of mass is located.


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